Mediasurfer ranked in the Appsflyer Performance Index

Mediasurfer is proud to be ranked among the leading companies like Google Ads, Meta, and TikTok in the AppsFlyer Performance Index. 🏆

About AppsFlyer Performance Index

The AppsFlyer Performance Index is a comprehensive benchmark in the mobile advertising industry. This index is crucial for marketers and companies seeking to understand the performance of digital advertising platforms.

This rating is founded on the analysis of extensive data, which includes:
  • Non-organic installs: 11,5B
  • Apps: 30K, with at least 3,000 non-organic installations per slice
  • Media sources: 75, with at least 100K installs in the time frame
  • Remarketing conversions: 5.6B
Analysis Period: April to September 2023.

These data include traffic volume, conversions, and other key metrics essential for evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and remarketing strategies.

What led to this success?

Mediasurfer has achieved 8th place in the "Remarketing Non-Gaming" category for Europe, standing alongside major market players like Google Ads and Meta.

This achievement is significant considering the scale of the data analyzed, including 5.6 billion remarketing conversions, indicating the effectiveness of our strategies in a highly competitive environment.

This accomplishment was made possible by the company's AdTech developments, particularly the retargeting platform This innovative solution for retargeting campaigns is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

The platform processes over 4.5 billion impressions daily.'s partner network includes 14 direct SDK publishers and 20 SSPs, facilitating interactions with various audience categories and segments.

For more details on the platform's algorithms, refer to one of our previous articles.

What's Next?

Making it into the top 10 of the AppsFlyer Index is not only a significant achievement for Mediasurfer but also a pivotal step in our pursuit of innovation and growth.

Our aim is to not just keep pace with industry changes, but to actively shape them, by developing products that set new efficiency standards in the mobile marketing world.
Arkady Papikyan, ССD of Mediasurfer

Beyond, the company has also developed products in the field of CPA traffic acquisition (Tracemetric), DSP, SSP, and other marketing solutions.

This broad suite of proprietary tools allows Mediasurfer to stand out from competitors and offer clients flexibility in choosing strategies tailored to their unique needs and objectives.

As we celebrate this event, we remain focused on our mission to deliver even more impactful and efficient marketing innovations. The journey doesn't stop here – we're just getting started!