Technologies to enhance your advertising campaign

The digital advertising market is rapidly evolving, offering brands new tools to engage with their target audience. In an environment of fierce competition and information overload, capturing consumer attention is becoming an increasingly complex task.

In this context, Mediasurfer stands out — an AdTech company specializing in digital marketing services such as mobile performance, retargeting, and comprehensive campaigns.

Mediasurfer's competitive edge lies in the use of proprietary technologies. The company offers its clients a full range of services and ensures access to an extensive advertising inventory.

By eliminating the commission for using external platforms, Mediasurfer reduces the cost of purchases. This approach ensures high-quality and effective advertising campaigns at more favorable conditions.

This article will explore several technological solutions developed by the Mediasurfer team, applicable to various advertising formats.


A key development by Mediasurfer is a platform that integrates DSP (Demand Side Platform), SSP (Supply Side Platform), and DMP (Data Management Platform) technologies.

This platform enables advertisers to access the global advertising inventory market, enabling them to identify a target audience that meets their specific needs.

The platform's optimization algorithms, which include post-view and post-click data, automatically refine advertising placement strategies.

The DSP provides access to a significant portion of web and in-app platforms, utilizing CPM/eCPM payment models and delivering over 2 billion impressions per day. The platform supports video, static images, and HTML5.

CPA Platform

Another development is Tracemetric, a platform designed for purchasing traffic using the CPA (Cost Per Action) model. This tool provides capabilities for comprehensive management of advertising campaigns.

Tracemetric employs effective algorithms that ensure clients have access to only high-quality traffic. Real-time reporting and analytics enable rapid adjustments to strategies, enhancing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

The platform incorporates unique solutions for combating fraud, which we detailed in this article. Post-click analytics and the assessment of traffic sources based on risk levels are also available.

A significant advantage of using Tracemetric is the additional level of control over meeting KPIs and the ability to combine different purchasing models within a single advertising campaign.

Retargeting Platform

Another area of focus for Mediasurfer is conducting retargeting campaigns.

Therefore, we have launched an AI-based platform,, which processes over 4.5 billion impressions daily. The partner network includes 14 direct SDK publishers and 20 SSPs (Supply-Side Platforms), ensuring coverage across various audience segments.

In the area of data privacy, the platform uses encryption methods to ensure transparent data processing without violating user rights. Operating exclusively on the CPA model, ensuring unmatched cost efficiency.
Key algorithms of
  • Predictive analytics: Tailor retargeting messages based on anticipated user actions.
  • Dynamic content generation: AI crafts content that resonates with user preferences, ensuring targeted engagement.
  • Optimized delivery: Determining the best time and channel for message delivery.
  • Predictive intelligence: Uses ML models to optimize CPA and budget allocation.
  • Brand safety: Assessing content context and user behavior to display messages in brand-safe environments.

Hyperlocal Targeting

The next development by Mediasurfer is the Super GEO technology, offering the capability for precise targeting of advertisements to users within specific geographic coordinates.

This technology enables targeting an audience that has already visited, is currently at, or frequents a particular location, whether it be a city district or individual buildings.

Moreover, Super GEO allows for further customization of advertising campaigns, taking into account the interests, key queries, and socio-demographic characteristics of the audience. This makes the technology an effective tool for flexible and precise campaign adjustments.


Each of these technological solutions equips Mediasurfer clients with modern tools to adjust their advertising campaigns and improve their efficiency.

Adopting these technologies is an effective way to enhance your marketing strategy and receive expert recommendations from industry specialists.

With their experience in development, the Mediasurfer team has a thorough understanding of platform algorithms and knows how to secure the best outcomes for clients on more favorable terms.

This method aids not only in attracting consumer attention but also in achieving specific business objectives, helping your brand stand out among competitors.