Introducing Holdy: where AI transforms app retargeting

We're elated to announce the launch of Holdy, our AI-enhanced retargeting platform. Crafted from years of expertise, it's designed to maximize user retention and re-engage them with your app.

  • Cost-efficient: Operating exclusively on the CPA model, ensuring unmatched cost efficiency.
  • Massive reach: 4.5 billion daily impressions across our network of 14 Direct SDK publishers and 20 SSPs.

Platform highlights

User-centric experience: Prioritizing a seamless user journey.

Privacy-first: With advanced encryption and anonymization techniques, our platform ensures a transparent and respectful approach to user data.

Key algorithms:

  • Predictive analytics: Tailor retargeting messages based on anticipated user actions.
  • Dynamic content generation: AI crafts content that resonates with user preferences, ensuring targeted engagement.
  • Optimized delivery: Determining the best time and channel for message delivery.
  • A/B testing intelligence: Our system suggest variations to find the most effective retargeting strategies.
  • Brand safety: Assessing content context and user behavior to display messages in brand-safe environments.

With Holdy, we're set to transform how you engage with your app's users. Check us out!