Key insights of mobile fraud 2023

From AppsFlyer's 2023 mobile fraud report, we've highlighted key insights about the changing landscape. Here's what industry professionals need to be aware of:

Global financial exposure:

  • Potential loss: In the absence of protective measures, global fraud losses were projected to reach $5.4 billion.
Fraud trends (H2 2022):
  • Platform differences: Fraud activities increased by 40% on iOS and 46% on Android compared to the first half of 2022.
  • Most active period: The most significant rise in fraud was observed in Nov-Dec 2022.
App categories & Fraud rates:
  • Gaming vs. non-gaming: Gaming apps reported a fraud rate 1/6th of non-gaming apps, indicating effective anti-fraud strategies.
  • Finance & shopping: Over half of all finance iOS installs in December 2022 were fraudulent. Meanwhile, iOS shopping apps saw a 210% YoY fraud increase.

In-depth analysis: different sectors and regions in focus

Sectoral fraud exposure:
  • Finance: This sector contributed to nearly 50% of the total fraud in 2022.
  • Casino & betting: This segment faced a notable $1.2 billion fraud exposure.
  • Comparison: Shopping apps' fraud risk was $406 million, double the risk of gaming apps at $206 million.
Regional fraud analysis:
  • Hotspots: The EU had the highest fraud incidence rate, almost double that of North America, with the Asia-Pacific region falling in the middle.
  • Bots: Bots accounted for over 70% of global install fraud, with a slight reduction to 68% in the MENA region.
  • Android: Countries like Mexico (34%), Vietnam (21%), India (15%), and Russia (11%) reported elevated fraud levels. Notably, the UK had a rate of 21%.
  • iOS: Countries such as Russia (18%), India (20%), Mexico (19%), and Vietnam (28%) and the UK (23%) had higher fraud rates. The US reported a rate of 8.8%, and Australia stood at 11.3%.
Post-attribution fraud:
  • This type of fraud, detected post-install, is predominantly driven by bots.
  • There was a notable increase on Android, both in non-gaming and gaming sectors, escalating by 154% YoY from January 2022 to 2023.

Mediasurfer's Solution

At Mediasurfer, our approach to combating fraud in the mobile marketing landscape is comprehensive and proactive.

We collaborate closely with trusted solutions such as Appsflyer P360, implementing rigorous tracking measures to identify and filter out machine-generated clicks. Our commitment extends to actively monitoring incentive marketplaces and analyzing raw data reports, as well as our clients' CRM platforms.

Through these efforts, we ensure the highest level of fraud prevention, safeguarding the integrity and effectiveness of our mobile marketing campaigns.

If you're looking to promote your app safely and transparently, reach out to Mediasurfer now!